Common Questions about Air Filtration Systems in Mukilteo

It’s normal to have questions about air filtration systems as you look for a purifying system for your home in Mukilteo. While your professNordstrom Heating and Air Mukilteo Air Filtration Systemsional heating and air contractor should be available to offer assistance, becoming familiar with industry offerings ahead of time can give you an edge in your search. Keep the following common questions and answers in mind as you prepare for your installation:

What are the benefits of installing a filtration system?

Air filtration systems offer a wide variety of benefits for homeowners. They are particularly helpful for individuals who suffer from allergies, as many irritants are removed. Having your HVAC specialist install one can also improve your home’s HVAC efficiency, as small debris is prevented from accumulating over time. 

Which types of pollutants are removed?

It’s important to realize that not all air filtration systems are made equal. You’ll need to research your options carefully to ensure they are capable of removing the pollutants you’re most concerned about. Most units eliminate particulate matter as well as gaseous contaminants. This generally includes pollen, animal dander, bacteria, mold spores, dust, smoke and various potentially hazardous fumes.

How often should filters be changed?

Most air filtration systems require you to change the filters periodically. Ideally, you should strive to do this every 90 days or so. You can also ask your heating systems and cooling systems specialist to replace the filters during routine maintenance and repair services.

More Questions about Air Filtration Systems in Mukilteo?

For more assistance or to ask additional questions, call Nordstrom Heating & Air. You can always count on one of our knowledgeable and experienced technicians to provide the advice, service and customer care you need. From routine maintenance and repair, from replacing gas fireplaces to inspecting heat pumps, our team has you covered! Contact us today! We look forward to assisting with all your HVAC needs.

Installing Air Filtration Systems in Mukilteo

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