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How Do You Define “Ethical Behavior” In The Contracting Business in Redmond?

How Do You Define (Ethical Behavior) In The Contracting Business In Redmond

Because there are so many HVAC companies to choose from, it can be hard to know whether the one YOU choose is dealing with you ethically.  Here’s what to look for–and what to watch out for in a contracting business for Redmond.

Questions to Ask When Looking For an HVAC Company

  • Do they put clients before profits? Ethical companies don’t push equipment that provides a big profit margin but doesn’t fit the client’s needs best.
  • Do they invest in education and training? When technicians are trained properly, they know how to both select and install safe, effective equipment.
  • Do they treat those they employ with respect? When employees are motivated and well-compensated they do better work than those who have little or no stake in a company’s success. Ethical companies don’t exploit cheap labor opportunities.

The Problem Plaguing the Contracting Industry

Many contractors and consumers believe anyone can do a good job installing HVAC units. The problem is that, without proper training and education, that’s just not true. If a heat pump that’s too large for a home is installed, it doesn’t run efficiently. The same goes for duct work. If it’s poorly installed, the result will be mold growing in the walls. There are so many things that can go wrong if the new, higher tech HVAC equipment is installed improperly. People hire contractors who will do the work for less money, but the result can be down right dangerous.

How To Find an Ethical Contracting Business for HVAC in Redmond

So, how do you know whether an HVAC company is behaving ethically? Online reviews can help, but if a client has just had something done they can be misleading. Many installation problems only become apparent after months or years have gone by.

Here are some suggestions for identifying ethical contractors:

  1. Ask about training and certifications. A good place to start is the North American Technician Excellence (NATE) certification. It’s kind of a minimum requirement for choosing an HVAC company, but a lot of contractors out there haven’t bothered with it! Kick it up a notch by looking for Building Performance Institute (BPI) certification. Managers with BPI certification know that the home is a system and see HVAC equipment as just one element (out of many) of a comfortable environment.
  2. Ask how contractors size new equipment. If you’re looking for equipment quotes, ask how the company determines the proper size for your air conditioning and heating units. For example, they should always perform a Manual J load calculation. “We follow rules of thumb” is a red flag response.
  3. Ask about employment practices. Find out if the contractors work for the company full-time. If so, it’s a good sign.
  4. Ask what the words “building science” mean to the contractor.  Ethical companies perform energy assessments prior to recommending new equipment.

Remember: You’re dealing with combustion, construction equipment, potentially hazardous building materials, and powerful machinery. The consequences of unethical business practices are serious. Consumers have the right to know what they’re getting with an HVAC contractor.

Looking For an Ethical HVAC Contractor for Your Redmond Home?

Contact the professionals at Nordstrom Heating & Air in Marysville to make an appointment. Our technicians provide ethical, educated scientific HVAC service for your home and business. We can address all of your HVAC needs, including ductless heat pump and air filtration system installations.

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