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Just How Effective Are Home Air Filtration Systems?

Just How Effective Are Home Air Filtration Systems

You read the news reports, pay attention to the world, and know that air quality isn’t exactly getting better. But the awful thing is, the air in your home is likely worse than the air that’s outside.

Nature does what it can do to filter air, but inside your home? It’s not quite as lucky. That’s why air filtration system installation is highly recommended, but before you install one of these extensive systems in your home, you might have one question: just how effective are they?

They Remove Particulate Matter From the Air

Particulate matter is basically floating particles in the air. They’re often so small that they’re hard to detect. You might notice them floating around in a crack of bright light coming through your window in the morning.

These can include bits of plastic, dust, plaster, wood particles, standard dust, and more. It’s all stuff you don’t want to breathe in. They irritate your lungs and can agitate asthma and COPD.

A good quality air filtration system will take the majority of those particles out of the air. This also contributes to a few other benefits you can experience almost right away.

These Systems Help You Sleep Better

When you sleep, your breathing slows down. There’s less activity in your lungs to help filter out particular matter that makes its way inside. Beyond that, your lungs and throat can become irritated much easier than when you’re walking around during the day.

Lung irritation is enough of a reason to disturb your sleep. You may not wake up completely, but interrupted sleep due to poor air quality can make you restless and limit your quality of sleep.

While air filtration won’t guarantee perfect sleep, it’s one piece of the puzzle that leads you to better rest, and more energy when you wake up in the morning.

Alleviates Allergy Symptoms

Does someone in your home have allergies? Dust, pet dander, and particles in the air can exacerbate their symptoms and make them feel worse. While we’ve established that air filtration systems aren’t a perfect fix, they’re enough to get asthma sufferers to stop coughing as much, and help reduce the chance of nighttime asthma attacks as well.

They Capture Pathogens

While there are different grades of air filtration systems and they have varying degrees of effectiveness, it’s proven that air filtration systems can pull pathogens from the air.

It’s good to note that this won’t help you feel much better when you’re already sick, but rather, air filtration devices can help prevent illnesses in the first place. They’re preventive measures above all else.

Cleaner Air Equals a Better Life

Simply put, when your indoor air quality is better, you feel better. While they’re not a cure-all for all the air problems you might face, air filtration systems combat the awful particles in the air that contribute to health problems. It’s time to clean up your space quickly and keep the air filter running—it’s time to breathe easier.

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Jul 3, 2023 | Indoor Air Quality

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