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Questions to Ask When Buying a Heat Pump in Marysville

Questions to Ask When Buying a Heat Pump in Marysville

Are you thinking about buying a heat pump for your home in Marysville? Maybe heat pumps are the ideal type of equipment for your home; then again, maybe not. Before you choose a heat pump over a traditional furnace and air conditioner, consider the pros and cons.

When are heat pumps the right choice?

A heat pump isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Take some time to consider what is truly best for your situation. Keep your climate in mind, because heat pumps work best when temperatures stay above 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Your heating and air contractor can make a good recommendation.

What about size?

When buying a heat pump, it’s important to realize there are several different sizes available. To maximize efficiency, your unit should be sized specifically to your space, so that it runs continuously. Turning a heat pump on and off too often will cause unnecessary strain on the system.

What are the “cons”?

Heat pumps stay on much longer than furnaces, meaning the fan and compressor are on almost constantly in cold weather. If you experience cold winters, choose a heat pump with a low noise rating to decrease the distracting sound of a running heat pump.  Installing the outdoor unit away from windows and doors also helps.

Need Help Buying a Heat Pump in Marysville?

The pros at Nordstrom Heating & Air in Marysville are here to help! We’ll answer any of your questions honestly and thoroughly. Our specialists can provide a wide variety of heating and cooling services, including assistance with air filtration systems and ductless heat pumps. We’re known throughout the region for providing expert advice and unbeatable customer care on every job. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

Your Experts When Buying a Heat Pump in Marysville

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