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Types of Pollutants Removed by an Air Filtration System in North Camano Island

Types of Pollutants Removed by an Air Filtration System in North Camano Island

An air filtration system can remove all types of pollutants from your home in North Camano Island. It’s a great solution for families looking for ways to alleviate the impact of allergies. As an added bonus, these units often improve HVAC efficiency. But what kind of pollutants will actually be removed from your home? 

Particulate Matter

A good air filtration system will be able to remove most particulate matter. This includes pollen, animal dander, dust and smoke. Importantly, units will also eliminate most particles that are generated by appliances with combustive elements, like stoves. Additionally, many systems are effective in getting rid of dust mites, bacteria, viruses and certain molds. Make sure your HVAC specialist is aware of any unique air quality needs you and your family have.

Gaseous Pollutants

You’ll also be able to count on your air filtration system to eliminate most gaseous pollutants, like those from cooking stoves and vehicles running in garages, as well as tobacco smoke. When paired with your heating and cooling systems, the filtration unit you select should also help clear pollutants from building materials and furnishings. The system will also rid the air of potentially hazardous gaseous pollutants in adhesives, paint, varnish, pesticides and chemical cleaning products.

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