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Increase Your Home’s HVAC Efficiency in Monroe

Increase Your Home’s HVAC Efficiency in Monroe

Save money on your home’s typical operating costs by increasing your HVAC efficiency. Getting the most out of your appliances and electronics can lower your energy bills and contribute to saving the environment. Your HVAC system can be a major source of lost power in your home, so learning ways to increase its efficiency is always a good idea. 

Keep the Condenser Unit Clean

The outdoor condenser unit that runs your HVAC can collect dirt and debris. Make sure plants or vegetation don’t overgrow around the unit. This can cause blockages and force your system to work harder. 

Keep the Thermostat Cool

If you have an automatic thermostat, keep the temperature around it as close as possible to your preferred temperature. If you keep heaters or hot light bulbs near the thermostat, its sensor will detect that the entire home is at this temperature. This will cause it to adjust accordingly, which might be cooler than you want or need. 

Get Regular Maintenance 

Your HVAC system needs regular preventive maintenance to stay in good working order. Lost air and leaking condenser units mean that you have to run the system longer to get your desired temperature, so it’s important to stay up-to-date on your maintenance. Keeping your ductwork sealed and replacing hoses as needed can greatly increase your HVAC efficiency

Want Better HVAC Efficiency in Monroe?

If you’re interested in improving the performance of your HVAC system, Nordstrom Heating & Air can run our 10-point analysis and find ways to save you money. Our professional technicians can also install a more efficient heat pump for greater comfort year-round. Contact us today for all your heating and A/C needs for improved HVAC efficiency

Get Better HVAC Efficiency in Monroe

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